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Abbie Leach Atelier is the bespoke service that creates unique and timeless, statement garments for discerning clients using the very best of British and European craftsmanship. 

The Atelier is an ‘At Home’ service providing the ultimate bespoke experience in the comfort of your own home. From the first consultation to the very last fitting, the Atelier delivers bespoke tailoring, a personal journey, and a trusted source of luxury. Each custom-made piece is designed and made in London and every client is carefully guided and advised by founder Abbie Leach to create their desired piece or collection.

Fabrics are personally garnered by Abbie from across the globe and her blackbook of both esteemed suppliers and highly skilled craftsman ensures every design made is entirely unique and of excellence. Our clients embark on a journey of personal discovery to enhance their individual style. This journey concludes with a fully bespoke and unique piece or wardrobe.

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In striving to make a modern vintage classic reboot, Abbie Leach Atelier also offers a small, made-to-order collection featuring unisex pieces of classic designs entitled The Timeless Collection. The collection is made in the heart of Naples drawing on the best Italian tailors. Neapolitan tailoring is renowned through out the world for its effortless style and  high level craftsmanship. Abbie chose Naples not only for her love affair with the city, but for this city’s rich tailoring industry. Clients can choose from a selection of styles and fabrics, providing a semi-bespoke experience. 


Abbie Leach’s main ethos is to create your own fashion legacy, to invest in yourself, to be sustainably responsible and to have an appreciation for the craft and skills used to make timeless and beautiful clothing that you will forever adore. 

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