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Abbie Leach founded her London based Atelier on the premise of wanting to create a legacy through her work in tailoring. Through its bespoke services, the Atelier creates timeless pieces that have their own individuality, yet also offers a small made to order collection, bridging the gap between a full tailored experience and mass production. An Abbie Leach piece is not only designed to stand the test of time but is set to become a future heirloom for generations to come.  Each stitch sewn is a line in the story her pieces seek to tell.


Abbie Leach has a creative vision. In seeking out a career in a predominantly masculine sphere, she wants to bring a feminine and contemporary twist to a craft rich in history and tradition.  As a champion of vintage fashion and up cycling, she designs with sustainability and longevity in mind.


Abbie’s unique creative flair has been recognised by some of the most noteworthy tailors and brands in the world and her rich experience comes from the very heart of the historical craft, from Savile Row.  Seen as an emerging talent, Abbie was awarded a place at the prestigious Savile Row Academy where she spent two years cultivating her craft.  During her studies she was selected by Andrew Ramroop, Master Tailor at Maurice Sedwell, to offer her services as a trouser maker.  She has provided her skills to brands including Thom Sweeney, The Carnaby Tailors and Joshua Kane.


Her time spent at the haute couture tailor Michael Browne and with upcoming designer Harris Reed is where Abbie realised her passion to partner her distinctive creativity with this historical craft, seeking to break the mould.  Her outstanding pieces for Harris Reed have been showcased by celebrities and artists including Harry Styles and have also featured several times in Vogue and the Evening Standard.


As head of the Atelier, her natural ability to connect with clients and listen closely to their needs and lifestyles make Abbie Leach Atelier a destination point. Her diverse experience allows Abbie to empower and enhance those she designs for. It's an experience from start to finish. Her designs create a sense of strength, individuality and longevity for all.


Abbie Leach Atelier celebrates the individual and its bespoke services provide a unique wardrobe, a style that is carefully and thoughtfully curated to match each discerning client.

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